Evaluating a new Bong

Evaluating a new Bong

We are dedicated students of Marijuana.

We exhaustively research, consume, study, evaluate, classify, and review many varieties of cannabis and cannabis related products. Our group is made up of men, women, scientists, journalists, students, coders, designers, law enforcemenet, doctors, bankers, politicians and more.

Our mission is to evagelize cannabis and its many benefits.

To become a part of INFO20 call (650) 329-2436. Meetings are held semi-monthly on a rotational basis.

Kush 420 is a project of INFO20, a group of cannabis enthusiats in Silicone Valley

dedicated to telling the world about cannabis and its many benefits.

Founded in 2016. © 2017 Kush420 /  © 2017 Info20.


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