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From prehistoric man, to ancient Chinese and The Vikings, cannabis has been used across the world for ages. Original naturally-occuring  strains Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa have been joined recently by Hybrid strains.

Cannabis Indica

Originally from the mountainous regions of Central Asia, Cannabis Indica is a broad-leafed bushy plant with has higher levels of THC versus CBD when compared to Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis Sativa

Originally from tropical regions across the globe, Cannabis Sativa is a narrow-leafed tall lanky plant with generally higher levels of CBD versus THC when compared to Cannabis Indica

Hybrid Strains

The result of cross-breeding Indica and Sativa, Hybrids are designed for specific properties –shorter grow times, more robust plants, and realative levels of CBDs, THC and turponoids .


Cannabis Indica is indigenous to high elevation mountainous regions in India, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and was traditionally cultivated for the production of hashish for ritual, recreational and medical purposes.

Cannabis Sativa originated in tropical regions of Asia and Northern Africa, where it has been used throughout history as source of industrial fiber, seed oil, food, recreation, religious and spiritual moods and medicine.

Hybrid strains are the result of cross-breeding Indica and Sativa strains with the intention of creating faster-growing, hardier plants, and to produce various psychoactive properties.



The main psychoactive agent found in Cannabis


The “medical” part of medical marijuana.


The oils that give cannabis its smell and taste.


Cannabis is a naturally occurring plant which has been used as an agent for achieving euphoria, religious ritual and medical purposes since ancient times. It was legal until the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 which effectively banned its use and sales. While the Act was ruled unconstitutional years later, it was replaced with the Controlled Substances Act in the 1970’s in which cannabis was placed in the most restrictive Schedule 1 category. Get the full story here.

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